Aero WhatsApp Apk Latest (v10.10) Official Updated Version 2024

Hello guys! Today i will provide you with one of the best & effective applications that is WhatsApp Aero APK probably you will follow this amazing app. No doubt it has kept an impression on its users because of that it has millions of fans who are following every jiffy.  If you want to utilize this wonderful app, and take credit for this golden chance download it on your device, it is available for you free of cost. Before downloading it you should read the whole article. I will try to explain the process of utilization. So you will not face any obstacles while operating. 

No doubt this latest application is very famous in the world because of its great functions &good performance. Users have 100% satisfaction after using this app. Most users hesitate due to its privacy. Some of them raise questions about its authenticity and security.  No doubt this application is legal, authentic, and incredible and possesses privacy management and new functions of customization. Of course, users can modify the creative aspect of the application by operating the latest extra features. This is a unique opportunity so you should avail it to connect and communicate with your friends and sibling through this newest application.

  App Name  WhatsApp Aero
  App Version  v9.81
  Category  WhatsApp Messenger
  Developer  Aero
  APK Size  77.9MB
  Content Rating  Everyone
  Support Android Version  Android 5.0+
  Price  Freeware
  Get it On  Official Website
  Last UpdateSeptember 19, 2023

About the WhatsApp Aero APk 2024:

In fact, this is the latest application that is very popular in the market because it can communicate with people worldwide by making audio & video calls, cheating, and creating a group or community.  

Indeed it is the first priority of people to communicate sources as well as it has minor bugs and errors. This is the fastest tool that can connect you to your friends and very easiest way to meet others.  The amazing matter is that you do not require paying money to install and run this application. Just apply on this app and check its result after waiting for a few minutes how it will impress you.

Additionally, this mod is packed with some state-of-the-art, delicate features that are not only atypical to be originated but are also quite complicated to accumulate in a single application. Of course, it has powerful features and all the features are well-known and powerful in their functions.

As a brilliant, well-experienced, furnished, and classic developer BozkurtHazzar created this wonderful app, he has chased the goal that he has targeted because this app has given results better than official WhatsApp. Moreover, this tool focuses to enhance messaging capabilities and provide the facilities for audio + video calls among people. And this is the fastest way of communication system in the globe that can tie people with each other.

What is the Whatsapp Aero Apk?

Whatsapp Aero is the latest app, it utilizes an Android tool & this tool is a modified version of the original Whatsapp. Indeed, it offers multiple features but unfortunately, the original Whatsapp does not have that. This is a masterpiece due to its aspects of theme and performance.

The Turkish developer BozurtHazzar especially developed to communicate people with each other through sending messages, and audio, and video calls. No doubt, this is the fastest way to connect people with each other. The importance of this app is enhancing day by day in the market.  Of course, it gives them effective results.  No doubt, this application has the most wonderful features and all the latest features are available to you at zero cost.

How is the WhatsApp Aero Update Significant for the users?

After detailed research & inspections, i have given our full efforts to collect substantial data related to this application.  Indeed, i can enjoy the impressive features of this app.  It is a fact that very few active users have availed the facilities of this app for the last few months and all of them are sharing their positive feedback regarding its strength.  

If i talk about the themes of the app, of course, it is very attractive with amazing colors that can attract users.  One of the top qualities of this app is its privacy and security. It provides security to your authentic data.

Mostly users are waiting for a long time to take advantage of more features, and continuous updates of this app.  But no features have been added till now in the last few updates.  

They are fixing some important bugs only. There is no need to take tension because among all the developers the BozkurtHazzar is one of the brilliant developers who added a few amazing features according to the wishes of the users and those features entertain you and provide more satisfaction.

Why do people download WhatsApp Aero Apk Latest version?

This is an effective application. It has the most powerful features& wonderful skins that can attract people around the world.  Of course, millions of people in the world are downloading this app as compared to others. Only the unique qualities of its features make it famous around the globe.  This gives you a guarantee to its uncountable features that all these features are 100% viable and give you impressive results.  On the other hand, this app is totally different from others in its customizations as compared to the WhatsApp mod, GBWhatsApp, and FouadwhatsApp.  Probably, it can fulfill all the requirements of users and give them a comfort zone in this official site you will try to download it on your Android and try to take benefit more and more. These kinds of facilities compel users to download the application.

Features of the WhatsApp Aero Apk Download 2024:

No doubt this is the newest app that can help you to communicate with your friends, siblings, and other people in the world. The fastest app can assist you in sending messages, videos, audio calls, and sharing pictures with your relatives. It has a variety of features and i hope that these can help you and facilitate you. I have tried to make each one below so that you will focus on these while reading this editorial.

Attractive interface:

One thing you will notice is that the attractive interface of the app is different from the old interface of WhatsApp.  It is true that while utilizing the old one, you will get bored. Better that you just try to operate the latest version app. Surely, it makes you fresh because it has a very attractive interface as compared to the old version of Whatsapp.

Themes & Stickers:

The main feature of this app is its themes, the developer has developed its themes and he built in theme store for changing the themes. Furthermore, it has a variety of stickers. You have to pick and choose according to your choice and interest.

Send unlimited messages in One Tap:

While utilizing this app you can be able to send thousands of messages in one click.  These features are better for those users who are communicating with more than one friend simultaneously. It is a better source for time-saving, safety, and security. You need to write the message you want to send and mention the amount in the field below. Then tap on the target icon then you have to send it. 

Turn Text Messages into Emojis :

Here you can easily convert text messages into different emojis. Emojis help you to identify your feelings, emotions, and expressions. Of course, that is a good technique for using shortcuts.

Send images in full Resolution:

 Usually when you are sending images and videos through normal WhatsApp, it compresses those images and videos. After utilizing this app you will not get these kinds of critical complaints. It will show you original pictures and the quality of images as well as videos without compressing them.

Built-in Anti-ban:

It is very important to have safe accounts and satisfactory protection through anti-ban. But in most of the applications, unfortunately, anti-bans are not available because of that those are not trustworthy for utilization.  But this app is 100% safe to use and make sure that you will not get banned.


 In WhatsApp Aero, you can easily customize the icons from the home screen.  You can customize the notification icons also in this. You can display pictures and your status as well.  By availing these facilities you can customize and enjoy a lot.

Best performance:

No doubt the performance of this application is on the top among the other applications. This is the fact that it provides you with all kinds of facilities and gives you the best performance. After utilizing the app everyone is appreciating the application and it means that this gives them effective results. 


There are abundant applications in the market, so those users face many problems because they have no security system. But it is true that this application has a full security system. Probably, it will provide you with better privacy.

Lock Chat with password protection :

By using features you can easily protect your chat from unwanted people. After utilizing this feature you have full control of your chat and feel satisfied.  This feature can allow only authorized people to see the chat and the rest of them cannot approach it.

Data Size:

 This effective application has a larger capacity in the size of data as compared to the official app.  So you can use unlimited data here comfortably.

Data Quality:

 By using this app you will send high-quality data. It is a fact that it will send your data with full protection and privacy.

Hide last seen:

After using this feature, you can easily freeze your last seen from unnecessary people you don’t want to contact.  This feature can help you hide your last seen from other people. 

The anti-view once:

 If someone is sending you pictures or videos after seeing them one time you are unable to see them again. By using this anti-view feature you can view or watch it multiple times. If you want to view these kinds of multiple times then you have to turn on this feature.

Hide View Status:

Of course, this is one of the effective features that if you want to hide your status from unwanted people you can easily hide from them.  After using this feature they can never ever see your status. This feature can be enabled and disabled from the privacy setting.

Anti-delete status:

Before you see the status someone can delete their status but in WhatsApp Aero, you can easily see the deleted statuses. So, if you want to see the deleted status then you can enable this feature from privacy settings.

Anti- deletes messages:

In most WhatsApp apps, you are unable to read the deleted messages. But this application has the unique option that after deleting the message you can easily read it. If someone sends you a message and deletes it and if you have this feature turned on or enabled from the settings you can read their discarded messages as well.

Show Blue Ticks after reply:

Of course, majority of the WhatsApp does not possess this feature you receive messages from someone but your opposite person will know that you have read the message with double blue ticks. If you want to hide the double blue ticks then it cannot show it to the sender on his/ her device until you reply to them.

Allow always online:

When you enable always online then you will turn on this feature. It will show your friends you are using WhatsApp even if you’re sleeping or you are offline.

Share unlimited image files at once:

 By using this latest app you can send unlimited images in one click. As compared to this app the other apps you can share limited images. They allow you to send only 10 to 15 image files at once. It is better to enable unlimited images after using this feature.

Separate Groups and Chats:

In WhatsApp Aero, this feature locates the Header of your home screen setting. If you want to make different types of groups and chat then you can turn on this feature and make separate groups.

Auto reply:

 It is a very powerful and fastest feature of this wonderful app that can allow you to reply automatically with selected messages.   It is very sharp and quickly replies to multiple messages without typing manually. 

Send messages without saving numbers:

This option is not available in other WhatsApp apps but luckily Aero WhatsApp has the availability of the facility to send or chat messages without saving a number or an unknown person. Of course, there is a separate option for this you enter the number and start chatting with them directly.

Advantages and disadvantages of the WhatsApp Aero Apk Download:

Of course, this newest application has innumerable advantages. While operating this application you will avail all these benefits. It will support you well and you will feel comfortable after using this app. There are some major benefits I have tried to mention here.


  1. It has the availability of the facility of sending high-quality videos and the rest of other related files.
  2. This app provides you with the option of messages and statuses to check deleted messages or statuses.
  3. This app has provided its users with an interesting interface.
  4. It is the fastest app so this application doesn’t waste the time of the users.
  5. This application has provided absolute customizations with themes and stickers.
  6. This app has been created full of anti-ban and inbuilt locker install the best privacy system.
  7. It has the easiest operating system and also easy home screen customizations.
  8. It satisfies its users with good performance as compared to other official apps.
  9. It lets you hide the forward tag, blue tick, second tick, time, and date.
  10. It is available to you free of cost as compared to the other applications.


Though this app has lots of advantages that can facilitate users but some disadvantages that you will face while operating this application. Some of the major disadvantages I will mention here before using this app, therefore, you should be aware of all these harms that damage the reputation of this application which are below.

  1. The size of this app is higher than the official WhatsApp. This app is 60 MB whereas the official app is 56 MB. There is a difference of only 4 MBs.
  2. Of course, this application is a third-party app; you are unable to download it on Google Play Store.
  3. Being a mad application your devices may be susceptible to malware and other malicious fixation.
  4. This application is not give you guarantee & safety on your data. Maybe it will share your personal data and information with other third parties.

How do install WhatsApp Aero APK on your Android?

No doubt, the installation process of this wonderful application is very simple. Just follow these steps. You won’t face any complexity while downloading. I tried to elaborate well maybe you will not face any hardship.

  1. Step 1. If you want to install any third-party app like WhatsApp Aero, first you will approach enable Unknown resources.  Just go to device SETTING> SECURITY. Then scroll down and here you will find the unknown resource.
  2. Step 2. Now locate the Apk that will download on STORAGE> DOWNLOADS> WhatsApp Aero.  Now Tap on the install button and wait for a few seconds, it will be installed.
  3. Step 3.After that, open APK and create the account. Enter your mobile number and wait for OTP. Enter OTP and after that, you can restore your data. Then, enjoy the long term by using this app.

It is not bound that you can use this app or the official app on your device.  Don’t worry you can use both on your device at the same time. But one thing is keeping your mind that you don’t have to install any of them to install the other.

Is WhatsApp Aero Apk Safe to Use?

Most of the users are taking tense and they are raising various questions about the security of this app. But keep one thing in mind app developers think about the security of their users’ accounts. Of course, they never want to create problems for their users.  In fact, this effective app is a third-party app, and it is not available on the Play Store or App Store.  No doubt, this app is violating the rules of the App Store because Playstore does not give permission to this app to use its platform. The Whatsapp team calls it illegal, but they don’t ban the accounts.  Because of that, you can use it without taking the tension of its ban.

Here the main thing is that it is not available in the Play Store so due to this point there is mistrust on the status of the app.  But some third-party websites are taking charge of downloading this app it makes complex. On the other hand, no one will ban this app because it utilizes for Mods Anti-ban mechanism.  At that time, it can assist your account to keep safe.  Maybe if there is a little bit of chance of getting banned, you have the option to uninstall and install Apk. Then you can re-enter your account.

Whatsapp Aero V7 95 Apk

WhatsApp Aero V7.95 Apk is the of a popular messaging app. It has cool features and options for customization. With a sleek design and better privacy settings, WhatsApp Aero is a great choice for people who want to personalize their messaging.

Users can change themes, fonts, and emojis to make their chats look the way they want. One cool thing about WhatsApp Aero V7.95 Apk is that it can hide blue ticks, last seen status, and online status for more privacy.

The app also lets users send bigger files, up to 1GB, so sharing photos and videos is easier. Overall, WhatsApp Aero V7.95 Apk is a modern and customizable app that stands out from others.

Whatsapp Aero V7.100 Apk Download

Whatsapp Aero V7.100 Apk is the popular messaging app. It has new features and improvements.

The app also has better privacy settings, giving users more control over who sees their updates. One great feature is the ability to send large files easily, perfect for sharing photos and videos.

The app also allows group video calls with up to 8 people, great for staying in touch with friends and family.

Aero Whatsapp V8.11 Apk Download Descargar

Aero WhatsApp v8.11 Apk is the popular messaging app. It has many cool features like better privacy settings, themes you can change, and improved functions.

One cool thing is you can hide when you’re online but still see messages. This gives you more control over your privacy. You can also change your chat backgrounds, fonts, and colors to make it how you like.

This makes your chats more personal and makes the app more fun to use. You can also send bigger files like images and videos easily.

Overall, Aero WhatsApp v8.11 Apk is a great app to download if you want more features and better functions for messaging.

Aero Whatsapp 8.21 Apk Download

Aero Whatsapp 8.21 Apk is the popular messaging app. It has exciting features like better privacy settings.

Users can now control their messages and media more easily. With Aero Whatsapp 8.21 Apk, users can change chat backgrounds, fonts, and hide their online status for more privacy. The new version also has improved security to keep user data safe.

The interface is redesigned to be simpler and more user-friendly. Overall, Aero Whatsapp 8.21 Apk gives the app a fresh look and better functionality and security for users.

Download Whatsapp Aero V8.22 Apk

WhatsApp Aero V8.22 Apk is the popular messaging app. It has new features and improvements for users.

The update makes the app easier to use, with better privacy settings and more ways to customize it. A big new feature is the ability to change themes, fonts, and chat backgrounds to make WhatsApp your own.

The update also adds security features like fingerprint lock for chats and the option to hide when you’re online from certain people.

These features help keep your messages safe and private. Overall, downloading WhatsApp Aero V8.22 Apk makes your messaging better and gives you new tools to make your chats more fun and secure.

Whatsapp Aero V8 12 Apk Hazar Descargar

WhatsApp Aero V8 12 Apk Hazar Descargar is the messaging app. It lets users customize their experience with themes and fonts.

This version also has extra security features for better protection. Users can control their messages and calls more easily with the enhanced privacy options.

The app runs smoothly and is reliable, making it a good choice for those seeking a different messaging app. Overall, WhatsApp Aero V8 12 Apk Hazar Descargar is a great option for users who want a more personalized and secure messaging experience.

Aero Whatsapp V8.36 Apk Download

Aero Whatsapp V8.36 Apk is the latest update with new features to improve user experience. You can now customize the interface with themes, fonts, and colors.

There are also better privacy settings to control who sees your profile and online status. The update allows for sharing larger media files with improved image quality.

Aero Whatsapp V8.36 Apk has a sleek design and added features, making it a great choice for messaging.

Whatsapp Aero V8 37 Apk

WhatsApp Aero V8 37 Apk is a popular messaging app known for its cool features and customization options. It lets users choose from many themes, fonts, and emojis to personalize their messages.

Privacy is a big deal for users, and this app offers extra security like hiding blue ticks and online status. A key feature is the ability to send large media files without losing quality.

You can share high-quality images and videos easily. The app has a simple interface that makes it easy to use, ensuring a smooth messaging experience. Whether you want to add fun themes or improve privacy, WhatsApp Aero V8 37 Apk has something for everyone.

Whatsapp Aero V8 40 Apk Download

WhatsApp Aero V8 40 Apk is the popular messaging app. It has cool features like unique themes and fonts. The app looks better now and is easier to use.

One great feature is the improved privacy settings. Users can now hide their online status and turn off read receipts.

This makes sure that users have more control over who sees their activity. In summary, WhatsApp Aero V8 40 Apk gives users a better messaging experience with its visual options and privacy settings.

Whatsapp Aero V8 51 Apk Download

Whatsapp Aero V8 51 Apk is the popular messaging app. It has cool features like custom themes, fonts, and designs.

The app also keeps your messages safe and private. One cool feature is the ability to schedule messages to send later. You can also share bigger files like photos and videos easily.

Overall, Whatsapp Aero V8 51 Apk is a stylish messaging app that makes chatting more fun and personalized.

Whatsapp Aero V8 61 Apk

Whatsapp Aero V8 61 Apk is a modified version of the popular messaging app that lets users customize their chats with themes, fonts, and icons.

It also has privacy settings to hide online status and view stories without others knowing. The app allows for larger file sharing and offers security features like password protection and chat locking.

Overall, Whatsapp Aero V8 61 Apk gives users more control over their messaging experience.

Whatsapp Aero V8 70 Apk Download

WhatsApp Aero V8 70 Apk Download is the popular modified WhatsApp app. It offers users many new features and ways to customize their messaging.

This update lets users personalize their app with themes, fonts, and privacy settings. The app also has better security to keep user information safe.

A key feature of WhatsApp Aero V8 70 is its ability to send large files quickly without losing quality. This is great for sharing videos, photos, and documents with friends and family. The app has a simple design that is easy to use for people of all ages.

Whether you want to change your messaging style or improve your WhatsApp experience, WhatsApp Aero V8 70 Apk Download is worth trying.

Whatsapp Aero V8 80 Apk Download

WhatsApp Aero V8 80 APK is the popular messaging app. It comes with new features and improvements, allowing users to customize their chat experience in unique ways.

One key feature is the ability to hide online status and last seen timestamps for more privacy. The app also lets users view messages even if the sender deletes them.

Overall, WhatsApp Aero V8 80 APK is a great choice for those who want a more personalized and secure messaging app.

Aero Whatsapp 8.93 Apk Download

Aero Whatsapp 8.93 Apk is the popular messaging app. It has new features and improvements. The app has a clean look and works better.

Users can now customize their chats more. The update also makes the app more secure with better privacy settings. It is faster and easier to use. Whether you have used Aero Whatsapp before or not, version 8.93 will give you a better experience.

Aero Whatsapp 8.95 Apk Download Latest Version

The new Aero Whatsapp 8.95 Apk has exciting features and improvements. It has a sleek design and is more stable, giving users a smooth experience when talking to friends and family. One cool feature is the customizable themes, so users can make their chat look how they want.

The app also has better security to protect user privacy. Messages are now encrypted end-to-end, so users can feel safe sharing private info.

Overall, Aero Whatsapp 8.95 Apk is a great choice for people who want a better messaging app that focuses on being useful and keeping user info safe.

Whatsapp Aero V9 11 Apk Download

The new Whatsapp Aero version, V9.11, has exciting features that users love. It has a smoother interface, faster messaging, and lots of ways to customize your chats.

This version also has better security to keep your data safe. You can now use new themes and stickers to make your chats more fun and unique.

The app’s design is simpler and easier to use, making it simple to find what you need. Whether you’re a current Aero user or trying it for the first time, this update offers a mix of useful features and style that you’ll enjoy.

Aero Whatsapp 9.21 Apk Download

Aero Whatsapp 9.21 Apk is the the messaging app. It has cool features like themes you can customize and better privacy options.

This update makes messaging easier and faster. One cool thing about Aero Whatsapp 9.21 Apk is that you can schedule messages.

This means you can plan when to send messages. The app also has strong security settings to keep your chats private. Whether you want to make your chats unique or keep them safe, Aero Whatsapp 9.21 Apk has what you need.

It has a simple design and many new features that both regular users and messaging fans will like. Upgrade now to explore more in the world of online messaging!

Whatsapp Aero V9 41 Apk

The latest version of Whatsapp Aero V9.41 Apk has new features and design that users love. People are excited about the customizable themes, privacy options, and smooth user experience. Whatsapp Aero focuses on making users happy and being innovative.

One cool feature is the ability to customize chat backgrounds and fonts. This makes chatting with friends and family more fun.

The app also has better privacy settings for more control over data and who sees online status. Whatsapp Aero V9.41 Apk is gaining popularity for its unique features and user satisfaction.

Many people are switching to this new version for its creativity and secure communication.

Whatsapp Aero V9 52 Apk

Whatsapp Aero V9.52 Apk is the popular messaging app. It has new features and improvements. The app has a modern design with customizable themes and fonts.

Users can send large media files without compressing them, so images and videos are high-quality. The app also has better privacy settings, like hiding online status or message read receipts.

This gives users more control over who sees their activity. Overall, this update makes communication more fun and secure for everyone.

Whatsapp Aero 10.0.2 Apk

Whatsapp Aero 10.0.2 Apk is the popular modified Whatsapp app. It has cool features and lets you customize it. The update gives you a better interface, themes, fonts, and privacy settings.

One cool thing about Whatsapp Aero is that it can hide your online status and other indicators like blue ticks.

The new version also fixes bugs and makes the app run smoother. You can now send bigger media files without losing quality. Overall, WhatsApp Aero 10.0.2 Apk is great for people who want a unique and safe messaging app.

Whatsapp Aero 17.50 Apk

Whatsapp Aero 17.50 Apk is a newest updated popular messaging app known for its cool features and modern design. The latest version lets users control who can see their profile and status. It also has different themes and options to personalize the app.

One great thing about Whatsapp Aero 17.50 Apk is its strong security features that keep messages safe from hackers.

The app works well with other platforms, making it easy to share content. Overall, Whatsapp Aero 17.50 Apk stands out for its features, security, and customization.

It’s a reliable app for connecting with friends and colleagues while keeping user data private and secure.

Contributions by other developers:

When the app successfully started the Apk mostly developers augmented its features by using their creativity. The talented and brilliant Turkish developer Bozkurt made this apk more delightfully. He added a variety of theme extensions and interface changes that have glorified this APk. Initially, it had two versions but gradually he added more and developed more features. Now it keeps a place in the users of the heart.

People Also Ask FAQs:

Q1: Is WhatsApp Aero free to use?

A: Of course, this app is available on the official website just for download on your Android free of cost. If you want to download it from our site you can click on the link below.

Q2: Can WhatsApp Aero Apk get banned?

A: No, this latest application is not banned anywhere. It is a fact, that this app is illegal in a few countries. The demand for this app is increasing day by day around the world. No doubt, the anti-ban feature will prevent any kind of ban.  Indeed, it had an anti-ban installed when this originated.

Q3: What is different between WhatsApp Aero Apk and WhatsApp?

A: It is a huge difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Earo. WhatsApp is available on the Google Play Store but WhatsApp Earo is not available on the Google Play Store. On the other hand, WhatsApp Earo is developed by third-party developers. It has uncountable features the users can benefit from these features but the official one has limited features.

Q4: How can I update my WhatsApp Aero Apk 2024?

A: Simply, first you have to visit the website to download the latest version. It is very simple where I provide you with the latest mod APKs for WhatsApp & Instagram. Of course, most of the websites do have not APKs. They just show ads. I are totally against those sites because I are providing you the Tap downloading button for downloading our Apps. Here you can easily update these kinds of apps without wasting your precious time.

Q6: Who owns Aero WhatsApp?

A: Of course, this application is developed by the original WhatsApp Company.  Everyone knows these kinds of apps are created by third-party developers.  Yes, this App is created by the popular developer HazarBozkurt.


After reviewing this article you will probably know about the significance of WhatsApp Aero Apk. No doubt, this is one of the most powerful ways of communication systems and messaging apps. It will provide you with a great opportunity to connect to your siblings or friends through messages, videos, and audio within a short period of time. It is the best modified version of the original app that can allow you to customize almost everything.

No doubt the latest version of this app has some great features that fix bugs. In the end, you don’t miss this opportunity to avail this wonderful app. I have tried to inform you well through this article. Now it is up to you to make the right decision.

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